In the darkness of the NW it is almost a requirement to add a lit sign to your brand and/or your business. SignDog has options like backlit “cabinet” signs that can be designed and installed to individual letters or using a custom design that can add a clean, professional look to your storefront. It can be hard to stand out - let us work with you to find a way to make your business easily recognized and found.
Our 9oz mesh banners are a great choice if your banner will be used on windy days. The mesh material is perforated to allow wind to pass through. Our 13oz heavy duty banner material is our top seller and is perfect for every occasion. It is extremely hard wearing and is perfect for outdoor use.
Thicker than standard aluminum, Dibond consists of a reinforced, solid plastic core between two sheets of aluminum for ultimate durability. Possibly the best solution for exterior signage, our Dibond signage can be easily printed and routed for a customized look that will last for years.
Our stickers can be customized to best be used as tools to help promote your event, your business, or your state of mind. Our in-house design team and ability to use die-cutting, allows us to go beyond standard shapes and sizes to help you stand out from your competitors.
A good storefront is a requirement in a competitive world. Let us help you attract customers in a busy area and to simply carry your brand from product packaging through to the front door. SignDog can create and apply store signage, window vinyl, perforated vinyl (see through from the inside), and other signage options. With an expertise of over 12 years in the sign business - we have the experience, the creativity and the execution to set you apart.
Truck lettering is an inexpensive way to promote your message or brand. Dollar for dollar, it is one of the best advertising solutions you can purchase. The number of drivers on the road is at an all-time high. It is likely that someone will notice your truck lettering and remember them when it comes time to inquire about your services.